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Best rated occupational therapist Portland? We can help with providing a solid understanding of your symptoms, the steps needed to resolve them, and resolution of symptoms through treatment, splinting, exercises, workplace and activity modifications. Most clients feel improvements in their symptoms within one visit! Juno graduated in 2016 with a Masters in Occupational Therapy at Texas Woman’s University and became a certified hand therapist in 2020. She has been working steadily towards creating novel treatments in both clinic and research to maximize client outcomes. Read additional details on certified hand therapy.

Trigger finger is caused by inflammation of the flexor tendon of your fingers/thumbs due to repetitive use, arthritis, trauma, and/or genetics. For example, one can find themselves with triggering/locking of their middle finger when they make a fist. The finger will get stuck in a partial bent position and release painfully back straight into extension. This occurs due to the enlarged size of the tendon as it passes through an anatomical pulley in your palm. When you make a fist, the tendon needs to pull the finger down but it gets stuck in the pulley due to the swelling taking up increased space.

When we experience hand-related injuries, our lives can easily get thrown off track. Injured arms and hands can keep you from working your job and generally living a pain-free life. Without optimal hand use, partaking in society can be extremely difficult. When you experience sports-related injuries or musculoskeletal disorders, hand therapy is not just recommended, it can change your life for the better. Some examples of common symptoms that hand therapy can help alleviate are: Swelling; General pain; Stiffness of joints, tendons, and ligaments; Fine motor problems. Having traumatic hand injuries can cause daily life to come to a standstill, so restoring various motor functions is crucial for rehabilitation.

An article in the March 2017 issue of Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy assesses the effectiveness of therapy and surgery to treat carpal tunnel syndrome. The study examined two groups of women with hand pain. One group pursued hand therapy for their pain, the other group elected for surgery. “Patients with carpal tunnel syndrome can be treated with physical therapy or surgery. Although surgery may be considered when the symptoms are severe, more than a third of patients do not return to work within 8 weeks after an operation. Based on the potential side effects and risks of surgery, patients often ask if they might try physical therapy first.”

Why See a Hand Therapist? Our hands are complex structures made up of a system that works together to provide motion and sensory information, including touch and temperature. They help us carry out intricate tasks such as writing and preparing food, which use our fine motor skills, as well as performing heavier activities such as lifting and carrying. Our hands and arms can be susceptible to a number of different disorders, including injuries, medical conditions, and degenerative conditions such as arthritis. They can also be vulnerable to pregnancy-related conditions and sports injuries, and a hand therapist knows how to help relieve your suffering and pain. See extra info on