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Accurate transcribing of CPT codes is essential as it tells the payers that what clinical procedures were performed and ICD codes testify it with a transcription of the diagnosis. The alliance within the coding is a must to make a strong payment claim. Coding audits are a way of ensuring that the billing codes are accurate and have been used in compliance with the latest coding guidelines, and regulatory requirements. Our team of expert coders look for irregularities and double-check the accuracy with clearinghouses.

Medico Billing USA is committed to offering personalized services with an emphasis on effective revenue cycle management of medical billing. We strive to exceed the expectations of our customers by adding value to their practice through our latest tools and exquisite resources. In order to best know the prospect of your success with us, see what value added services Medico Billing USA has to offer. Medical credentialing services usually involves gathering information about the physician’s background and qualifications through a formal application that is verified against reliable sources like the National Practitioner Data Bank or the American Board of Medical Specialties.

The recent upheaval in the healthcare system has created demand for management services for Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs). With the increasing focus on preventative care and care coordination, ACOs need the right tools and a partnership to streamline their operations and obtain shared savings. Medico Billing is at the forefront of providing solutions and services to ACOs. We with ACOs to deliver services around care coordination, ancillary service management and quality initiatives. Additionally, Medico Billing offers governance models for the creation and support of Accountable Care Organizations. See more details at billingmedico.com.

What is the medical billing cycle? The medical billing cycle is a process that starts with patient appointment, entry, eligibility check, coding, charge entry, and moves on to claim submission, payment posting, AR review, and denial management. RCM (Revenue Cycle Management) is a system to get through with the financial transactions between patients, healthcare providers, and payers. Clinical administration manages the revenue cycle starting from patient registration, payment posting, and the exchange of information between patients’ statements and payment systems.